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Hotel Automation System

Hotel automation system is not only about meeting the guest’s basic accommodation needs, but also about creating a new and secure occupant experience for users. 

About Us

Leading Singapore Hotel Automation System Provider

Tricom is a smart hotel solution provider headquartered in Singapore.
We are innovative in meeting the typical hotel management system requirements while continuously customizing the exciting smart hotel and residence experience for our customers. Our
smart hotel automation solutions
are designed to increase service and work efficiency, as well as safety and security, energy conservation and management costs associated with manpower and energy consumption.

Hotel automation system supplier and provider in Singapore.

Our Services

One-Stop Smart Hotel Automation Solution

We bring innovation, creating the best solutions that will benefit the hoteliers financially and improve their quality of service.

Singapore leading hotel automation system consultant and provider.

Project Consultation/ Management/ Implementation

Consult and design proposal based on development concept

Enhance hotel guest experience with smart hotel automation system in Singapore.

Design of Hotel Automation System

Customization and consultation of user journey

Design guest room automation system in Singapore.

Supply & Installation of Smart Hotel System

Coordinate with consultants and contractors from planning to installation

Professional after sales service hotel automation system in Singapore.

After Sales Services

Coordinate with consultants and contractors from planning to installation

Our Strength

Experienced team

Innovation, Insight, Leading

Our company's research and development team has been driven by customer and market demand, and its technical force is strong. The team is made up of skilled engineers and we have significant advantages and extensive experience in embedded technology, intelligent systems, hardware R&D, and communication networking technology.

Elegant products

Strive to perfection

We have our own set of working standards and strive to exceed customer expectations in the pursuit of perfection. Create with heart, ensuring that every detail is in place. Be strict with ourselves and perfect the skills.

Customized solutions

Professional personalized service

Create a complete, comprehensive, and personalized hotel automation solution based on the requirements and positioning of the customers. Professional construction experience, as well as the ability to guide the installation and commissioning of equipment, software, and systems. Ensure that each project is completed in a timely and high-quality manner.