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Concept of Smart Hotel

Smart hotel concept integrate with hotel automation system in Singapore.

The concept of the smart hotel is now picking great traction among hotel operators. Integrating breakthrough contactless technologies to facilitate and delight guests is becoming frequent in even the smallest hotels around the world.

Smart hotel new build construction and renovations are also evolving similar to the end product. Hotel operators are partnering with leading technology vendors to build highly techtastic smart hotels more efficiently.

Check out our Smart Hotel Design Concept:

The Contactless Experience

What once used to be the seamless guest experience has now come to be the ‘contactless guest experience.’ The contactless experiences entail adopting unique technologies and practices that deliver the same delightful experiences that guests have come to enjoy over the years.


Popular tools including smartphone apps, Bluetooth, voice assistants, etc. are making this transition easier for hotels, allowing hoteliers to rebuild trust with and provide premium hospitality services to guests.


Bluetooth room hotel locks are also becoming a popular amenity in hotels with the growing fears of covid19 transmission in Singapore. Digital payments are also popular among travellers, especially millennials who prefer more technology than their predecessors.


Contactless experiences will be the leading driver for hotels to get back to business, and begin rebuilding trust with their customers.

Construction of Smart Hotel

Hotel new build projects are already a careful process for operators and technology managers to develop successful tech-powered assets. Hoteliers in Singapore are constantly looking for ways to build smart services into their structures allowing them to be more compatible with technology.

Smart technology embedded into structures has proven to deliver more efficiency in terms of power and wastage costs. Using breakthrough tools like building information modelling and modular construction, operators are reducing the cost of smart hotels altogether.

The construction of a unique and appealing smart hotel also requires the expertise of a hospitality technology management provider or professional. From the placement of charging ports to laying the foundations for robots, every aspect of smart hotels needs a proficient hotel technology expert.

You can invest in a hotel room automation solution or upgrade your hotel to an amazing smart hotel system to boost your competitiveness in the Singapore hotel business. For further information, please contact us.

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