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Hotel Automation Solution's Impact on Hospitality

Trend of hotel automation in Singapore

You’ve probably seen hotel automation solution on marketing brochures and been pitched on it by passionate sales representatives. If you’re like other professionals who spend 40% of their time on administrative activities, you understand the importance of having more time to expand rather than operate your company.

Even yet, it’s all too easy to get carried away with hot topics like smart automation, chatbots, and AI. We begin automating processes purely for the sake of automating them, or because we believe we should or have been told by others that we should.

Instead, we should take a step back and consider what should be automated and what should not. We can next assess the benefit, probability, and time required to automate those tasks. It’s interesting to learn that sometimes automating an activity is more expensive and inefficient than doing it manually! Sometimes we’re quite aback by how long it took us to automate a time-consuming process!

Here’s how to think about hotel automation and its impact on hospitality to help you better understand how to make it work for your hotel. From now on, you’ll be able to tell when and where hotel automation makes sense for your hotel, and when it’s just marketing nonsense.

Definition of Automation

Anything (a technology, method, or procedure) that exists to minimise or remove human or nonhuman inputs while preserving (or improving) outputs is referred to as automation. The technology, process, or procedure functions independently and requires little extra intervention.

Automation, in its broadest definition, performs jobs that were previously performed by humans. Automation, on the other hand, refers to autonomous decision-making to do things that humans have never been able to do, such as evaluating enormous data sets and continuously improving forecasts, suggestions, and actions as artificial intelligence technology progresses.

A thriving hospitality industry requires hotel automation solution

Increased productivity, cheaper expenses, a better experience for both employees and guests, more accurate projections, and more precise pricing decisions are just a few of the advantages of automation for hotels. Hotels will be able to run leaner operations and accomplish more with less thanks to hotel automation. Here’s how to do it:

Revenue management 

Hotel automation solution have impact on hospitality in Singapore.

Revenue management is a very new concept that has only just been democratized. Only the most well-known brands could previously afford full-time revenue managers to optimize strategy. Independent hotels no longer require full-time revenue managers which automates many of the laborious and administrative aspects of revenue management while also working around the clock to translate the most up-to-date property and market data into optimal rates and availability.


Traditionally, housekeepers managed room assignments and prioritized work using clipboards and paper. As a result, the department was less responsive to changes in visitor flows in real time. Housekeeping software modifies job assignments based on current business demands thanks to hotel automation. It’s smooth and doesn’t require any interaction, allowing the company to optimize itself as each change occurs and significantly increase efficiency and profitability.

Hotel automation solution have impact on hospitality in Singapore.

Guest messaging

Hotels that wish to connect with guests easily and swiftly should think about how to do it on mobile. Hotel automating communications via business texting is one method to reach guests on their preferred channels. These messages not only convey crucial information to guests (and thus increase happiness), but they also present opportunities for upselling and other revenue-generating activities. Guests messaging platforms, for example, can be tailored to respond to certain events, such as tailoring a check-out survey or delivering a mid-stay greeting. Communication is extremely beneficial to your property (and its visitors).


Teaching the front desk to “ask” for more upsells is an excellent method to create a sales culture that results in more upsells. Another strategy is to use automatic upselling to generate additional income during the guest journey. The fail point of forgetting to send a campaign or failing to manually import the most recent guest data from the PMS into the email marketing platform is eliminated with automation. It’s all about consistency and efficiency if you want to gather more income and increase the overall revenue per available room at your resort. Upselling software leverages your data to automatically construct segments and connect them with the most appropriate offers, which is where personalization comes into play. This leads to greater conversions and income.

When hotel automation solution is used wisely to a hotel business, it may raise revenue, improve client satisfaction, increase employee productivity and happiness, and make the operation run more smoothly and profitably. Hotel automation can keep your property competitive and able to respond to the changing needs of these uncertain times as you look to the future of employment.

You can invest in a hotel room automation solution or upgrade your hotel to an amazing smart hotel system to boost your competitiveness in the Singapore hotel business. For further information, please contact us.

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