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Design Concepts of Hotel Room Automation

A hotel room automation design concept is much more than the design and physical layout of your hotel. It is what you want your hotel to be known and remembered for.

6 Smart Hotel Design Concepts

Minimize the usage of wiring

  • Whole room lightings are using weak electricity wiring connected to the RCU, then from RCU with one wire connected to the backstage management.
  • Save the cost of wiring, labour and the future maintenance.
Smart hotel automation is a less wiring system design concepts for hotels in Singapore.
Energy saving is one of the benefits of smart hotel automation system in Singapore.

Smart energy saving and environmental protection

  • Using the human detection IR sensor to activate the electricity.
  • When the IR sensor detects no people in the room, it will switch off the electricity automatically.

Safe construction

  • All the lightings are using weak electricity wiring so can protect the lifetime of the lightings.
  • Due to it is using weak electricity, wiring construction or short circuit will not cause any accident like fire, body hurt etc.
Smart hotel room automation design concepts is safe and convenience for hotels in Singapore.
Smart hotel design concepts can support future upgrade for hotels in Singapore.

Easy to upgrade in the future

  • Support wireless and wired control.
  • Only connect the weak electricity wire of the new facility to the RCU, no need to do any pairing again.

Customers’ awesome experience

  • Professional in lighting/dimming system.
  • Creating different dimming scenario like sleeping mode, welcome mode, reading mode to enhance the user’s experience
Smart hotel room automation design concepts enhance guest experience for hotels guest in Singapore.
Smart hotel design concepts can manage backstage control for hotels in Singapore.

Backstage hotel management system

  • Control all the electricity at the backstage management system.
  • Can track and control the usage of electricity through the database software in order to reduce the waste of energy.
Smart Hotel Concepts is available with the supervision of the rooms from the reception, or in the “network” solution, where each room can be monitored by the central computer of the reception, allowing you to reduce inefficiencies and optimize the management of energy consumption, thus achieving significant savings.