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Hotel room automation creates the right environment

Hoteliers try to differentiate their brands by generating unique guest experiences that appeal to both loyal customers and newcomers. An intuitive, integrated hotel room automation system can help to improve guest experience while also lowering the property’s running and maintenance costs.

In reality, a hotel room automation may provide design aspects that enhance the guest experience, create unique guestroom surroundings, appeal to both business and leisure travellers, and ensure that the room can be changed over time. Beyond the in-room experience, the correct guestroom management system may link with BMS, PMS, door locks, and a range of third-party systems to automatically cut energy costs associated with lighting and HVAC while simplifying operations for an already overworked workforce.

What features should a hotel room automation have?

A hotel room automation should benefit both the hotel and the guest, integrating seamlessly with property and building management systems to automate response to occupied and unoccupied spaces, simplifying check-in, subtly welcoming guests to their room, and providing indistinct communication between the guest and the hotel staff.

Consider the following scenario for a check-in. Upon arrival, guests are met by the hotel management team, given their keys, and shown to their rooms. The hotel’s PMS system informs an integrated hotel room automation that the room has been sold and is about to be occupied. As soon as the guest opens the door for the first time, the room lights switch on, the HVAC adjusts to a fixed temperature, and the blinds open to reveal a breath-taking view.

Guests may not be aware of the procedure behind this warm greeting, but they feel at ease and calm in the correct surroundings, allowing them to unwind after a hard day or rest at the start of a vacation. With no sacrifice to energy efficiency and no additional engagement from the front desk, housekeeping, or other hotel workers, a good first impression is made.

The hotel team may establish the proper sequence of activities for a range of guest scenarios in response to room occupancy, time of day, or cues from other building management controls by adopting a responsive, integrated guestroom management system. When a guest departs the room, lights and televisions will switch off, blinds will close automatically to lessen HVAC demands and protect furnishings, HVAC setback will save energy and extend the life of the system, and the system can be adjusted to restore to pre-set levels upon guest occupancy. These integration features allow the property to accomplish energy efficiency and sustainability goals while also complying with code.

Smart controls that adjust HVAC when a window or patio door remains open, alerts that are communicated to the front desk or room management system when a guest requests privacy, and the ability to control, monitor, and troubleshoot guestroom lights, blinds, and temperature to provide a seamless and positive guest experience are examples of other integration opportunities.

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Hotel guest room automation makes system management and maintenance easier

Smart, IoT-optimized control could be the key to achieving the desired result. To simplify both the staff and user experience, advanced guest room automation system solutions rely on a dependable, web-based interface. Look for a system that has user-friendly software that can be used from a range of devices and gives the Directors of Engineering access from wherever on or off the property.

Floorplan-based navigation and room search are possible with software, allowing for preventative solutions to future maintenance concerns as well as speedy responses to specific visitor requests. Building managers who are constantly called upon to train and update employees in the event of turnover, special event staffing requirements, or other changes to the property staff demand an easy user experience. A networked system is only as good as the staff’s ability to move through software swiftly and efficiently to make necessary updates.

Personalization enhances the guest experience while hotel automation saves electricity.

While automated control assures a consistent guest experience and a more energy-efficient facility, guests still desire the ability to regulate and change their own room environment. The guest may adjust the lighting, open and close the blinds, and leave a night light on with the help of beautiful, accessible, and simple controls. The better the user experience, the more intuitive it is!

Examine control options and choose finishes that blend in with the room’s decor and are thoughtfully built with the guest in mind. Consider the following questions while choosing guestroom controls:

  • Will the control choices provide comprehensive control at the bedside?
  • The last thing visitors want to do when they’re snuggled down for the night is get up to close the blinds.
  • Is there a user-friendly, straightforward control choice in each spot where the guest is most likely to require it?
  • Shading solutions are a major source of annoyance for both guests and workers.
  • Have you considered blinds that can be combined with the hotel room automation system to open and close at the touch of a button, as well as manually, in response to a guest’s natural desire to yank on a curtain open or closed?

These small comforts are frequently ignored, resulting in an unpleasant visitor experience as well as a maintenance issue for housekeeping.

As part of a broad-based property makeover or as an integral feature of new property design, choose a hotel room automation system that offers tremendous versatility. For a better visitor experience, cheaper maintenance operating costs, and a more simplified staff workflow, integrated lighting, temperature, and shade controls are essential.

The best hotel room automation solutions will keep guests’ wants in mind while also ensuring a cost-effective, energy-efficient environment.

You can invest in a hotel room automation solution or upgrade your hotel to an amazing smart hotel system to boost your competitiveness in the Singapore hotel business. For further information, please contact us.

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