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Smart Hotel Technology Trends to Improve Guest Experience in Singapore

With the boom in hotel technology in this past decade, hospitality has changed immensely over the years. We live in a world where hotel technology trends have to be looked after every now and then. And many processes have been reinvented to improve our lives.

As smart hotel automation professionals in Singapore, guest experience is easily one of your top priorities. Because of that, it’s no surprise that there are many technology trends in hospitality industry that focus on the guest experience through and through.

Smart Hotel Rooms

Smart hotel rooms allow guests to easily personalize their room to fit their needs. The technology in hotel rooms enable the guest to adjust the room temperature and lighting, and guests can even stream their favourite shows through a remote or smartphones. Such rooms can also be programmed to automatically reduce power usage during certain hours of the day. Besides, they can shut everything off in a room when guests are not present. In a world where people are increasingly conscious of the environment, smart rooms also offer a promise of greater sustainability, and guests can feel comfortable knowing that they’re using energy sustainably. While these rooms are a huge benefit for the guest experience, they are also beneficial to hotels because they can reduce operating costs associated with energy usage.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things) allows various devices to be connected through the internet and controlled by one central source, such as a phone or tablet. Examples of IoT applications can include everything in a smart hotel room, digital key cards, and even voice-controlled customer service. IoT allows guests to easily control everything in their room and personalize it to their needs. They are also useful in operations, mainly because IoT works as a smart hotel technology that can use data to identify and address issues before they become greater problems.

Smart hotel technology enhance guest experience in Singapore.

Big Data

Big data is one of the most practical smart hotel technology trends. To define, big data is a large collection of data that businesses can collect from consumers, which can be used to analyze customer behavior and make more informed and strategic business decisions in Singapore. You can use the insights to cater your service directly towards your guests’ needs and interests and create a personalized experience they will never forget.

Mobile Check-In Service

In times of COVID19, interactions at the front desk should be minimized as much as possible. A mobile check-in service reduces contact between guests and employees, and this can give guests a greater peace of mind. Undeniably, mobile services is a proven future hotel technology trends. Mobile check-in is one of the latest and most prominent smart hotel technology trends. Aside from this benefit, a mobile check-in service can speed up the arrival process and allow guests to get to their rooms faster. One way to implement this is through digital registration cards that allow guests to fill out all necessary information from their phones prior to arriving at a hotel, so you reduce any risk that comes with close contact.

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments use wireless technology to complete transactions. Customers place their card, or even mobile device, within a few inches to the reader and quickly complete transactions. Thought it was one of the future trends in hospitality industry, businesses has been picking up on this trend. And it’s been especially useful this year for quick and contactless interactions at the front desk. Contactless payments also reduce the transaction time, allowing guests to quickly finish up their check-in and finally relax after travel.

Since technology is ever-changing, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay competitive. In this article, we’ve compiled 5 smart hotel technology trends that focus on improving the guest experience, enhancing your operations, and increasing your bookings. If you are going to build a smart hotel, contact us now.

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