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The Fully Automated Smart Hotel: 3 Ways to Do It

The fully automated smart hotel” is a phrase we are starting to hear more and more. Developments in technology have led to an increase in self-service led electronics in hotels, such as self-service kiosks in receptions and information kiosks in lobbies and restaurants.

A smart hotel is the ideal of the extrovert traveller; it’s a hotel with no staff. You may find an automated check-in kiosk upon entry, such as at the Yotel Hotel in New York. And at the Hunn-na Hotel in Japan, they’ve gone one step further and use robots at reception to aid with check-in.

People query whether it’s effective – is having no human staff what people really want? We explore 3 ways to establish an automated smart hotel and how it can benefit guests:

3 ways to do an automated smart hotel

Establish a Check-In Kiosk at Reception

For a more efficient, queue-reducing system that eliminates desk staff working 24 hours, the check-in kiosk is an ideal solution for hotels. Self-service kiosks provide a system that will increase efficiency without complete depersonalisation.

A recent study found that 34% of people do not think that robots can replace the personal service humans deliver. Install hotel kiosks to support staff and streamline multi-channel processes, allowing them to focus on providing better service elsewhere.

Install Information Kiosks Across the Hotel

Having an automated information point would cut down the timely demands of reception staff. Information kiosks provide a resource for hotel guests to browse the dining menus; order their food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as review the places to visit in the local area, book a taxi and remind themselves of the hotel’s services.

Fully automated smart hotel in Singapore.

Distribute Mobile Room Keys

Digital room keys allow hotel visitors to use their phone as a key to enter their room. This eliminates the need for guests to remember their room key or worry about losing it.

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