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What is hotel automation?

Hotel automation systems  allow hoteliers complete control over their operations while automating and streamlining activities to cut costs and boost customer satisfaction.
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This includes things like:

  • Automated guest access for contactless check-ins and check-outs, allowing you to operate without a front desk.
  • Smart app control of lights, TV, curtain, A/C, and all in-room equipment, allowing guests to customise their experience while saving money on energy.
  • Automated notifications for real-time digital service requests (housekeeping, do not disturb, laundry, and maintenance) so that relevant staff is contacted immediately.
  • Intuitive staff scheduling and task management that optimises schedules to cut expenses and evenly divide tasks.

Why go for hotel automation?

5 Benefits of Hotel Automation System

You want to maximize operational efficiency with a little hotel staff while maintaining the same level of client service. Hotel automation will help you reach these objectives while also providing a number of other advantages.

1. Automated check-in/check-out

Guests can arrive at the hotel and go straight to their room with contactless check-in. They don’t have to stand in line at the front desk. Your customer service staff is freed up to perform more services and assure a better quality of experience without being tied to one spot while the line develops and the phone rings without a front desk. This will also allow you to reduce the number of employees (lowering costs) while boosting efficiency and the guest experience.

2. Quick and personalized communication between guests and staff

Guests and staff can connect more effectively and immediately via their mobile devices or in-room smart apps by utilising guest portals in hotel automation software. Guests can convey their demands via applications instead of visiting or calling a busy front desk, for example, if they require housekeeping, maintenance, or laundry services. Guests would traditionally contact the front desk with complaints, and the front desk would track down the appropriate individual. Hotel automation eliminates the middleman by transmitting guest requests directly to the appropriate service members, saving time and money on personnel costs.

3. Reduce operational costs

You may be hiring far more people than you need due to inefficient operations and outdated methods. Guests expect to be able to manage and enjoy their entire booking in a digitally connected fashion, not just because front desk workers are inefficient. The hotel industry’s front desk personnel is a costly legacy. The best practises of yesterday are no longer applicable for today. Furthermore, energy expenditures make up a significant amount of operating costs. You can regulate and monitor energy consumption in your hotel by implementing guest room energy control, making it more energy-efficient and saving costs even more.

4. Make sure your business is prepared for the future.

Whether or not there is a crisis, hoteliers must plan for the future. While the current situation isn’t ideal, it provides you with an ideal opportunity to make significant changes that will benefit the company in the long run. Putting hotel automation in place now will ensure that you can continue to operate at full capacity no matter what the future holds. Other hotels are already implementing this strategy, and hoteliers must adopt more automated operating systems to stay competitive.

5. Total control of the hotel's operations

Without increasing to your labour, a hotel automation system gives you complete control over your hotel operations. Hotel automation software may be integrated straight into your existing PMS system, allowing you to control everything from a single location. You can control:

  • All devices in your facility via a single interface
  • Energy usage
  • Employee scheduling and task management
  • Staff and guest access using hotel automation systems.

Furthermore, you give guests the opportunity to personalize and manage their stays while maintaining full control over security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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